Let’s Get to Know Each Other

Our biggest goal? To make the world a better place.

We at Singularity Press hope to publish YA speculative fiction. What do we mean by “hope to?” Well, as of now, we are in the process of securing funding. In our current stage we are only a startup . . . but we have a dream! We want to publish debut authors only so that new authors won’t have to find an agent before a company even looks at their work. We want to be just a little more accessible than the publishing industry currently is–and in doing so, have the chance to publish those voices who thought they’d never be heard.

Our dream doesn’t end with publishing these books and showcasing new voices either! We aim to be a student-run press, meaning we will employ Rowan University students in order to offer some real experience that can be used on resumes and will be translatable to the world of publishing. Oftentimes internships are hard to come by, and our press would offer a unique opportunity for students interested in pursuing a career in publishing.

And in the long-term?

We are most excited about this: with profits made from the company, we want to fund scholarship programs for marginalized students who are interested in publishing as a career path. The publishing industry is still overwhelmingly the purview of the dominant culture. We want to help change that. With these scholarships, we would be able to offer marginalized students the educational experiences needed to work in the publishing industry.

Like we said, we want to make the world a better place.

Now, your turn! Tell us about you. Write to singularitypress@gmail.com and tell us what you love to read, what fandoms you love, what you would hope from a kick butt publishing company. Let us know if you want to subscribe to our newsletter. And most importantly–tell us how you made the world a better place today!

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