Why Singularity?

In cosmology, a singularity is a place and moment when a celestial body becomes infinite and unknowable. In mathematics, a singularity is a point at which a given mathematical object is not defined—not “well-behaved.” And in social systems theory, a singularity refers to a small change that creates a big effect as it ripples out.

What We Hope to Do

Singularity Press is currently in the start up stages and hopes to publish young adult books of speculative fiction that lend themselves to new and innovative worlds and fandoms. Our press will publish books, but we will also publish multi-media, conceptual spaces for readers to immerse themselves fully in a newly created world. Through games, puzzles, fandom spaces, and innovative book launches, our press will provide readers with a new reading experience across multiple platforms. Our long-term goal is to turn profits from the company into scholarships for marginalized students interested in publishing.